There are numerous reasons why Videro LED is able to provide a better outcome for LED display projects in Australia. In fact the bigger the project, the more these advantages accumulate.

Quality assured specification

Let’s start with the product itself. There are no standard specifications that successfully describe quality with LED. A description of 10mm pitch SMD outdoor LED, for example, is merely describing the pixel density and the deployment of single point light source LED components. At a factory that assembles LED modules you can have two bins of LED components, one type worth 10 times as much as the other. Ensuring you get the right one requires intimate knowledge of such componentry and having someone on the spot for quality assurance. Unless you know the pecking order of LED componentry thoroughly, it is easy even for an AV professional to make an incorrect assessment of relative value between suppliers.

Quality assured manufacturing

The actual LED components are but one element to consider. Everything that goes into the composition of the screen warrants close scrutiny in manufacture, from the connections and cabling materials through to positioning of screw holes for disassembly. In order to achieve a successful outcome LED display manufacture requires strict guidelines, careful curation of the constituent parts, on the spot supervision of assembly and vigilance. VideroLED provides this assurance by having employees permanently stationed in the country of origin expressly for the purpose.

Having established the right specification for your project along with the appropriate componentry and manufacture, the additional ways in which we deliver value are in the ongoing support of the product and in any customization required in order to achieve a better outcome.

Ongoing support

Unlike our competitors we back up our LED product with a paid workforce of more 110 people throughout Australia. This difference is significant. Permanent LED installations require permanent support in order to successfully regenerate to pristine working order. Permanent LED installations therefore always need to be maintained. Buying an LED screen without anyone taking local responsibility for it here in Australia is simply asking for trouble. It’s really not worth the risk when VideroLED can make your purchase worry free.

Customisation & Control

In order for LED display to deliver the best viewing experience possible, control over brightness becomes a key factor. A screen that is too dull for its ambient light conditions will be appear drab and lifeless. A screen that is too bright for the ambient light conditions will appear garish and be uncomfortable to watch for any length of time. Without the right control exerted over an LED screen it can quickly become a visual pollutant. Not only does VideroLED offer better control over performance characteristics but our R&D team can interface the display with custom content.

Fit for Purpose Application

Each screen deployed needs to be fit for purpose. A screen used for retail, civic or institutional purposes, for example, needs to photograph well or it will fall short on social media. To assess a screen for camera suitability, simply take a photo on your phone and check, Cheap screens will often fail this test.