These VideroLED perimeter screens at Etihad Stadium must undergo close scrutiny of the camera so near the playing surface, and yet unlike the screens at other stadiums appear blemish free on TV. They are also more sophisticated in their ability to integrate live twitter feeds from fans and real time data feeds of match statistics during games. These features were two firsts for Australia made possible through VideroLED's integration expertise.

VideroLED perimeter screens are also purpose built to withstand the rigors of the AFL game. The screen surface can cope with the impact of balls and players alike, providing the necessary give to soften the impact, and padding is also provided on top for added player safety. So to sum up VideroLED perimeter signage is good for TV, the fans at the game and the players. It's a win, win, win.

Although not every sports ground in Australia can afford a kilometer of perimeter & parapet screen like the MCG or Etihad, many can afford a few square metres, whether deployed on the boundary or used as a scoreboard. If you are a sporting club, a few square metres of LED will allow you to add welcome value to your sponsors.

Talk to us about your requirement. Whether for a state of the art state-sponsored stadium, a local school or a community sports ground, VideroLED has something to offer at both ends of the spectrum. Customisation is a VideroLED specialty. Eventually we hope to help create the ultimate LED stadium in Australia, one totally enveloped in an LED screen.