Giant LED screens allow shopping centres to communicate more powerfully with their visitors. Such media can be successfully deployed to promote retail tenants, centre events, and general advertisers. The key challenges are to ensure a clean installation, content management appropriate to the task, reliable product and ongoing support.

Retailers within shopping centres also have much to gain through the strategic deployment of LED screens. LED displays can be used in shop windows and at store entrances to generate store traffic through the timely delivery of sales messages, or located strategically at the rear of the store to attract more in store traffic with color and movement. Whatever your message, LED is a powerful medium. Research shows that moving images are 4 to 5 times as likely to get noticed. Brightness is also a key factor. Compared to LED, conventional LCD panels look dull and lifeless. Direct view LED delivers that breakthrough brightness level every retailer craves, the kind that used to only be possible from expensive lightboxes and transparencies.

Talk to us if you are shopping centre or a retailer. We can show you content that will drive your sales to new levels, giving you a quick return on your investment. Pilot programs are available for retailers that qualify.

VideroLED Life Size LED displays in 2.5mm pixel pitch. Five units running a single piece of content. Available individually or linked, these are perfect devices for storefront or other retail applications.