What VideroLED can offer education institutions is rich and varied. Places of assembly whether indoor or outdoor can benefit greatly from the use of an LED screen. Such a screen can operate at a brightness level that works successfully in the daylight hours when the institution is in full swing. A big screen located where your campus community already gathers naturally will provide you with a powerful community focal point.

It is not just about creating better community spaces on campus. Big LED screens can also be used in creating immersive learning spaces, complete with interactivity and automated control. All that is required is some specialist knowledge and additional technology that VideroLED can also provide.

Direct View LED can also be used forhighly effective internal campus signage, keeping your community better informed. Some schools and tertiary institutions also use LED screens to talk to the broader community at large, promoting enrolment as well as upcoming events to the outside world. In the right location an LED screen that faces outwards from the campus can reach a high proportion of the local community.