The corporate world has plenty to gain from VideroLED technology, from corporate foyers that make a powerful statement, through to high-end boardroom installations wanting a wall-sized screen.

A high quality LED display is a powerful asset to add your premises, whether showcasing your corporation's activities and attributes, or displaying digital art to impress your clients.

If you are a property developer, the perceived value a foyer LED screen can add to your tenancy is substantial, so much so that the ROI is rapid. It doesn't have to stop at imagery either. It is possible to add interactivity that engages visitors even further.

Nor as a developer do you need to stop at the interior. Any building with a public facing facade offers the potential for an additional revenue stream, whether through advertising revenue, naming rights or subletting. We can even help you with someone to assist with the red tape.

LED screens can also be used as corporate dashboards, displaying KPIs and other performance data to employees in real time. Direct view LED also offers you more versatility in screen dimensions than conventional LCD panels. This means you can match the screen to best suit the data being displayed.