About Us

Videro LED offers a range of premium products specifically intended for Australian customers who use LED display in mission critical situations, whether for business, education or public purposes. All VideroLED installations are backed by a nationwide support team who not only have a thorough understanding the product’s technical aspects but who also understand the importance to the customer of having a public facing display that works.

The price advantage

The superior price and performance and faster ROI that VideroLED is able to deliver Australian customers is due to the more direct connection it offers to manufacturing. There is no middle layer involved

Quality assurance in manufacturing

VideroLED carefully researches the best means of manufacture, provides quality control on hand in the country of origin, and thoroughly tests any product prior to endorsing it as VideroLED certified. It’s worth it for peace of mind.

Quality assurance in ongoing support

VideroLED enables you to purchase imported LED products without the usual horror stories of disappointing product, an inability to communicate with the overseas manufacturer, a lack of spare parts, no local ongoing support, and no accountability.

Comprehensive technical assistance

VideroLED’s mission critical support entails spares on hand, someone to monitor and replace elements for optimal performance wherever in Australia it’s required, and someone to assist with every other aspect if needed, from content management through to interactive sensors.

Nationwide workforce

VideroLED is backed by a permanent workforce of more than 120 people across Australia. It is already responsible for such iconic mission critical LED installations as the MCG, Emporium Melbourne and numerous shopping centres nationally.

Specialised R &D capability

In addition to providing permanent quality control personnel in the country of origin, Videro LED also has its own dedicated R+D resources locally to be able to customise for specific applications. No LED project is deemed too difficult for this technical capability. Emporium was a first for Australia, as were the MCG and Etihad, all end to end VideroLED turnkey projects.